Pewter SASR CT/SR Operator Figurine

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A late 80's early 90's SASR CT/SR Operator - the first SASR solid pewter statue first commissioned for the SASR in 2001 and now recreated as a limited edition run of #353 (unnumbered)

Created by Perth Local Sculptor/Pewter Smith Darryl Glasson (Pewter Smith). Created by Pewter mined in WA, formed in Wangara and supplied in a locally recycled display box bearing the SASR & Buckingham Pewter trademarks. The statue stands at approx 11cm tall.

Glasson started as junior 1995 (printing lighters). He progressed through his craft to junior in works and was and it was in that time that he was

asked to sculpt a commissioned figure for SASR in the absence of the senior sculptor at the time. He sculpted the figure in clay (hence the intricate detail) in 2001 and produced a limited run.

WA’s only genuine commercial Pewter Smith and one of only a few with the skill in Australia, Glasson is still with Buckingham Pewter today and is the Senior Craftsman.

Another incredible limited piece of artwork for astute collectors. This release of 353, whilst not numbered, have the Sculptor signature and Buckingham Pewter trademark on the base.