'Compound Assault' Numbered Print

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Artist: SASR Artist in Residence, Ian Coate

Original Artwork: Oil on Canvas

Location: SAS Regiment

Print Size 600mm x 850mm

Print number limited to #353: 100 ONLY exclusively available through NINESIXFOUR

The SAS 'Compound Assault' 

“SASR targeting operations against Taliban leadership routinely required the assault and clearance of hostile Afghan villages.  Contact with the enemy often occurred both in and around compounds resulting in intense, close quarter fire-fights.  SAS operators swarm the insurgent stronghold, with nerve, courage and teamwork being vital.  An airborne overwatch team scans the surrounds looking to interdict combatants attempting to flee whilst a military working dog strains to be loosed into the fight.  Loyal dedication saw a number of dogs killed in action, effectively saving the lives of many Regiment members during the conflict.”