‘Anzac Reflection’ - Limited Print

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ANZAC Reflection Ltd Print 
500mm x 400mm
Artwork and Poem by Ian Coate
Original Artwork Location: Private Collection

Limited Number:
Signed, Artist Edition of #200

Poem and artwork by Ian Coate

Reflecting on the many years, since ANZACs first became;
There’s much that now is different, but much that stays the same.

There’s still a price for liberty, so we can choose our path.
There still are those who go to war and pay on our behalf.

There still are those who sacrifice and leave loved-ones behind.
So we can have the right to vote and speak what’s on our mind.

There still are those who face a foe and fight in foreign lands.
In hopes that we’ll be terror-free and safe from evil hands.

There still are those who take a wound and live with daily pain.
Their battle is a lifelong thing; their price for freedom’s gain.

There still are those who give their lives and break their happy home.
There still are grieving boys and girls – and partners all alone.

So keep in mind our wounded vets and families of the lost;
They’re still the ones who bear the bulk of freedom’s daily cost.

Remember freedom has a price – we’re in our soldiers’ debt.
Remember to remember – lest we all forget.