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From the Vault.

Rebirthing another classic - The Mobility T-shirt.

 ‘A third class ride is better than a first class walk’

if you are one to believe the legend, the saying has been in the unit since 1971 and was aligned to 3 SQN - L Tp. However.. this could be strongly argued by GG (1 SQN C Tp) 😉

The origin could also be attributed to a section of infantry during WWII hitching a ride on a tank. One thing we all agree on is the sentiment behind the phrase being a practical one, emphasizing the need to prioritise physical and mental stamina in order to complete the allocated mission/task effectively.

The image on the front of the shirt is of the LR Series 2A(which was brilliantly supported by the work of Boomerang Engineering Perth (first modified LR 1972) and Perth Workshops (early 80’s mods) but that’s another story for another day….

The first run of these shirts were designed and made by FM in the early 90’s with a rerun in late 2020. We couldn’t locate the original print, so CL provided a photo of the vehicle in Kalgoorlie 1991.  Sizes are limited but they are absolute iconic rippers.

One for the astute collector! 

Please note: These shirts are 90's style oversize. They are literally straight out of the 90's.