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This unique supporters T-shirt is a one-off run, initially released only to the ‘First to Know’ subscriber group.

Swanbourne Fishing Club (SFC), established in 1964, is a unique community of passionate anglers with a twist. Unlike traditional fishing clubs, this group of elite SF fishermen comprises VM, FF and WO, taking their fishing adventures to the next level.
Their expeditions often involve third class rides, freefalling from planes and navigating the depths of the ocean. Club members bring a range of specialised skills to the table, allowing them to execute complex manoeuvres and overcome formidable obstacles to reach the marked spot.

Beyond the thrill of the catch, the Swanbourne Fishing Club also engages in clandestine operations to retain the security of the mark. These missions require the utmost secrecy and skill, and members operate with a level of precision that only comes from years of experience.

Despite the inherent danger in their activities, the camaraderie among the Swanbourne Fishing Club is unwavering. Members share a passion for adventure and a deep respect for the sport of fishing. Together, they push the boundaries of what's possible on land, sea and air.

The Swanbourne Fishing Club rhetoric brings ‘The Family’ together, strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories in the great outdoors. Whether you are an experienced angler or a supporting fisherman/woman.