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New release! 6 SQN T-shirt - Australian Flag to left sleeve, 6 SQN Insignia on rear.


Since its establishment in 1964, Base Squadron has played a vital role within the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), undergoing various name changes along the way. Logistic Support Squadron (LSS), Specialist Support Squadron (SSS) and now known as VI SQN.  VI SQN provides diverse (close and conventional) logistical support to the SASR, both in barracks and in operational theatres worldwide.

The official emblem of Western Australia, the Black Swan, has been adopted as the logo for VI SQN. The Black Swan Theory serves as a metaphor for unexpected events that have a significant impact and are often only understood in hindsight. Aligned with the SQN’s core business, VI SQN remains ever ready to support the unknown.

Similar to the black swan, they are capable of swift mobilisation, appearing seemingly out of nowhere to provide operational and non-operational support. Despite the frantic planning that takes place beneath the surface, they maintain a cool composure, often going unnoticed in their pursuit of accomplishing essential tasks.

The classical Latin term Niger Cygnus, which translates to ‘something impossible, non-existent, which defied belief,’ is also attributed to the black swan. After extensive debates and discussions, the members of VI SQN chose the black swan as the official logo, symbolising their commitment to overcoming challenges and defying expectations in order to support the Unit’s needs.

In summary VI SQN, has been an integral part of the SASR since its establishment. The adoption of the Black Swan as the official logo reflects the SQN’s readiness to support unforeseen circumstances (operating collectively or in isolation) with efficiency and composure, while meticulously planning and executing their mission subsets in order to achieve the impossible and embrace the unknown.

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