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A knife designed for doomsday.

The aggressive-looking Apoc™ is the result of one designer’s imaginary toolbox fashioned hastily into a knife. The result: a gritty folder built to take on the undead…or maybe just the tape on the next package that’s delivered.

Eric Ochs let his imagination run wild in his Sherwood, Oregon shop. But as the Apoc™ took form, he balanced the wild design with highly-functional details like IKBS™, the ball-bearing pivot system for supremely fast, smooth opening. As he revisited the imaginary post-apocalyptic world from which this knife came, he designed the ground edge of the blade and the pocked handle to fit the scene. But the super grippy G10 handle and Veff Serrations™ are all business. A frame lock keeps the open blade secure through zombie battles and mundane pre-apocalyptic tasks.

When the apocalypse hits, why work with what you’ve got when the Apoc™ is on hand?


  • IKBS™ Ball Bearing Pivot System Deploys Blade Smooth and Fast
  • G10 Handle Provides Exceptional Grip in All Weather Conditions
  • Frame Lock Secures the Blade in the Open Position


3.98" (101.04 mm)
Veff Serrations™
0.14" (3.66 mm)
9.00" (228.60 mm)
5.10" (129.62 mm)
6.20 oz. (175.77g)
Folding Knife w/Frame Lock

U.S. Patent No. 8,966,769, U.S. Patent No. D559,939